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Solar Law has always taken pride in and inspiration from protecting the rights of working class families. Too often the victims of negligence or criminal acts are left to defend themselves against the findings of law enforcement agencies, company and insurance investigators, and their doctors.


Solar Law possesses the knowledge, skill and financial resources to assemble the team necessary to present your best serious injury or wrongful death case: doctors, investigators, videographers and accident reconstructionists to name just a few.

The successful prosecution of any claim for a serious injury or death requires immediate action by the victim or his family. Solar Law is ready to launch the investigation now: photograph the scene, identify eyewitnesses and preserve physical evidence.

Solar Law is committed to treating each client with respect and each case as unique.

Call our 24-Hour HOTLINE now. The initial consultation is free of charge. If we accept your case on a contingent fee, you will not be required to pay any attorneys’ fees or expenses in advance.


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J. Michael Solar has over 30 years experience protecting the rights of working class families.
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