Medical Care

medical experts

The caring, knowledgeable and skilled trial lawyer will not only offer assistance in prosecuting your claim, but also do all within his power to assist in securing the best medical care available for his client so as to assure the care he needs and provide expert testimony should it become necessary. This means assisting the client in obtaining emergency medical care, or in transferring the client from a rural or suburban hospital to a major trauma or burn unit when necessary. This can be a difficult task but may be essential to optimizing his recovery.

Choosing the appropriate medical facility can mean the difference between life and death or a great recovery or a poor one. This need may be identified and responded to by the caring, knowledgeable and experienced attorney. With insurance companies exerting greater control over hospital care and doctors, patients are sometimes pushed out of hospitals too soon, without the necessary physical or vocational therapy or competent supervision at home.


Solar Law possesses the knowledge, skill and financial resources to assemble the team necessary to present your best serious injury or wrongful death case: doctors, investigators, videographers and accident reconstructionists to name just a few.

The successful prosecution of any claim for a serious injury or death requires immediate action by the victim or his family. Solar Law is ready to launch the investigation now: photograph the scene, identify eyewitnesses and preserve physical evidence.

Solar Law is committed to treating each client with respect and each case as unique.

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