Life Care Planning

lifecare planner

The Solar Law looks at the Life Care Plan from a holistic approach to project future costs of medical goods and services through identification of the needs of a seriously injured or ill patient.

We typically call on Life Care Planners to assist in acquiring recommendations from the treating physicians regarding the medical equipment, services, and treatment required by the patient to promote good health and encourage independence. The effects of aging and impairment are taken into consideration as well as the support system in place. Care is taken to assure a plan is in place to address alternative care issues in the case of a loss or limitation of the support system.

Our objective in the development of a Life Care Plan is to produce a document, which can be used to document, communicate and implement proactive medical treatment for the prevention of complications and further disability. This may mean the TIRR Memorial Herman (formerly Texas Institute for Research and Rehabilitation) or The Living Center (TLC) as interim stops after trauma care, hospitalization and before returning home.

A personal interview with the patient, when possible, and the significant others may be performed to provide information regarding past medical, social, educational, family history and the availability of caregivers at home and remedial measures necessary to be able return home.

This information is organized and presented in a written format to educate those doctors, nurses, therapists and insurers involved with the patient in planning to meet future needs. A vocational assessment may be specifically requested to address the loss of earning capacity and vocational rehabilitation needs at home, school or at a job. Typically Defense attorneys and the insurance companies they represent fight hard to minimize support in this regard. They will attempt to put the burden and associated, physical, psychological and economic burden of caring for the injured party on his spouse, children and extended family. Often they will argue that the best way to care for the injured party is to take him from his family and home to be placed in a nursing home or other type of facility. This creates additional trauma for the family and injured party.


Solar Law possesses the knowledge, skill and financial resources to assemble the team necessary to present your best serious injury or wrongful death case: doctors, investigators, videographers and accident reconstructionists to name just a few.

The successful prosecution of any claim for a serious injury or death requires immediate action by the victim or his family. Solar Law is ready to launch the investigation now: photograph the scene, identify eyewitnesses and preserve physical evidence.

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