Wrongful Death

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“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit”
Psalm 34:18

The cause of the death of a child is obviously important, whether it occurs at birth, or as the result of an unintended injury (auto collision, falls, burns or any number of negligent or intentional acts), A knowledgeable, skilled and persistent attorney is required to investigate, prosecute and recover compensation for the loss of the beloved child. While this is no small thing, perhaps an equally difficult challenge is restoring some semblance of normalcy to the lives of the grieving parents.

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy has stated that the loss of a child is the most devastating experience a parent can face – and missing the child never goes away. A piece of yourself is lost, your future is forever changed and that:

  • The age of the child at the time of death does not lessen the hurt or devastation. It feels completely unnatural for a child to die before his or her parents. However, over 57,000 children under the age of 19 die every year in the United States;
  • Many grieving parents question whether life will hold any meaning for them and wonder how they will survive the pain of their loss. Parents describe the feeling as having a hole in their heart that will never heal, and may blame themselves and ask, “If only I had.” Or they may be angry with their spouse, the physician, God, or the government;
  • Parents feel alone and isolated in their grief, as friends and relatives are often at a loss as to what to say. But it is important to talk to people who understand the loss. This may be family, friends, clergy, therapists, or support groups; and
  • Everyone suffers loss in different ways depending upon their beliefs, culture, family history, and relationship with the person who died. It doesn’t mean that others care less if they mourn differently than you do. Grief can also vary greatly depending upon how the child died. While some losses are less visible, such as miscarriage, other experiences of loss are more traumatic, such as an accident, illness, murder or death during war.

Solar Law not only strives to address the liability issues associated with the loss of a child and recover the resulting damages in full, it offers resources to grieving parents and siblings wherever possible and requested.

Solar Law is committed to being a resource to families trying to reconcile their tragic loss.


Solar Law possesses the knowledge, skill and financial resources to assemble the team necessary to present your best serious injury or wrongful death case: doctors, investigators, videographers and accident reconstructionists to name just a few.

The successful prosecution of any claim for a serious injury or death requires immediate action by the victim or his family. Solar Law is ready to launch the investigation now: photograph the scene, identify eyewitnesses and preserve physical evidence.

Solar Law is committed to treating each client with respect and each case as unique.

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