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accident reconstructionist

Accident Reconstruction

Events resulting in severe injuries or death are often the subject of accident reconstruction. This activity relies upon experts who comb the scene of a collision, fire, explosion or other thing or place where damage to persons or property occur. While there are many different types of accident reconstructionists, perhaps the most common are those involving truck and automotive collisions. Major trucking companies today have automated communications systems that trigger alarms in corporate headquarters which result in the immediate dispatching of investigative teams to the scene of serious collisions. The goal is to identify, preserve and control evidence at the […]

Audio Visual Engineering

This expertise is called upon more and more in instances where simple photography or digital recording is necessary to preserve scene evidence. More sophisticated uses may involve examination of video imagery or the enhancement of audio recordings. This requires sophisticated equipment and expertise. These technicians can assist in the recording of not only the scene, but documenting the injury, recording depositions, editing so as to prepare audio video presentations for the insurance company, defense attorneys, Judge or jury. This work requires not only state of the art equipment and highly skilled technicians, but imagination, knowledge and skills that only experienced […]

forensic economics

Forensic Economics

Forensic economics is the scientific discipline that applies economic theories and methods to matters within a legal framework. Forensic economics covers, but is not limited to: the calculation of pecuniary damages in personal and commercial litigation, the analysis of liability, such as the statistical analysis of discrimination, the analysis of market power in antitrust disputes, and fraud detection, and other matters subject to legal review, such as public policy analysis, and business, property, and asset valuation. [Definition adopted by National Association of Forensic Economics Board of Directors, 7/21/2013] A graduate degree in economics is the usual baseline qualification of forensic […]

forensic pathology

Forensic Pathology

Forensic pathology is a branch of pathology (the study of the essential nature of diseases and especially of the structural and functional changes produced by them) concerned with determining the cause of death by examination of a corpse. A coroner (usually a legal authority and not a physician) or medical examiner (usually a physician with a subspecialty in forensic pathology and conducts death investigations) are responsible for determining when to perform the autopsy usually during the investigation of criminal law cases and civil law cases in some jurisdictions. Harris County may elect not to perform an internal autopsy if there […]

lifecare planner

Life Care Planning

The Solar Law looks at the Life Care Plan from a holistic approach to project future costs of medical goods and services through identification of the needs of a seriously injured or ill patient. We typically call on Life Care Planners to assist in acquiring recommendations from the treating physicians regarding the medical equipment, services, and treatment required by the patient to promote good health and encourage independence. The effects of aging and impairment are taken into consideration as well as the support system in place. Care is taken to assure a plan is in place to address alternative care […]

medical experts

Medical Care

The caring, knowledgeable and skilled trial lawyer will not only offer assistance in prosecuting your claim, but also do all within his power to assist in securing the best medical care available for his client so as to assure the care he needs and provide expert testimony should it become necessary. This means assisting the client in obtaining emergency medical care, or in transferring the client from a rural or suburban hospital to a major trauma or burn unit when necessary. This can be a difficult task but may be essential to optimizing his recovery. Choosing the appropriate medical facility […]

private investigators

Private Investigation

Cases are sometimes won and lost based on the identification and preservation of eyewitness and physical evidence; licensed professional investigators must be ready and able to assist the lawyer in securing all necessary and available evidence. Physical evidence can be intentionally “lost” or destroyed and eyewitnesses can disappear or forget crucial facts, resulting in unnecessary obstacles to putting forward your best case. It is important for the client and his attorney to take immediate action to assure that the defendants do not gain an unfair and insurmountable advantage. (Trucking companies have a emergency “Calling Tree” that is immediately triggered upon […]

vocational experts

Vocational Rehabilitation

A vocational expert may be an expert in the area of vocational rehabilitation, vocational and earning capacity, lost earnings, cost of replacement labor and lost ability / time in performing household services. The vocation expert may perform evaluations for purposes of civil litigation, as a basis for arriving at economic damages. Vocational experts may identify and document what the person could have earned prior to the injury, compared to what they are likely to earn following the injury. Economic experts calculate the value of those earnings over time, so the difference, if any, between the two income streams is clearly […]